Level 1 Food Allergen Awareness

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Food allergies are becoming more common. This course will help you understand what food allergies are and how to cater for consumers with a food allergy.



About this course

On the 13th December 2014 new European legislation, Food Information Regulations for Consumers (EUFIC) came into force. The legislation will change the way food allergen information is presented on food labels and make allergen information mandatory on menus for customers when eating out.

This means all food businesses will need to declare food allergens whether their food is packaged or not.

This course will give you a broad overview of food allergens including:

  • food allergen legislation;
  • what is a food allergy;
  • the symptoms of a food allergy;
  • how to plan and cater for people with a food allergy;
  • how to label food and inform your customers;
  • how to adopt an allergen-friendly approach.

Who is this course for?

This course has been written for any business that sells (or produces) food for the public, including: retailers, caterers and manufacturers.

Small businesses who sell cakes, sandwiches, pickles or jams, pies or other meat products, etc. either packaged or not, will also be affected.

The course is aimed at the business owner, catering manager or department responsible for labelling but it may be of interest for all staff.


You do not need any previous training for this course, although a familiarity with food labelling and food safety would be beneficial.

Guideline Hours

2 hours.

Course Aims

To understand what a food allergy is and how to cater for people with one.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Identify your legal responsibilities;
  2. Describe what a food allergy is;
  3. List the symptoms of a food allergy;
  4. Plan how to cater for people with a food allergy;
  5. Explain how to provide food allergen information on labels or menus;
  6. Consider how to adopt an allergen-friendly approach.


Is this course accredited?

This is a bespoke course that we have written and produced. It is not an accredited course, meaning you won’t get a qualification, but all successful attendees will receive our certificate of achievement. We believe the knowledge gained is the most important.

Where do you deliver this course?

We can come to you to deliver the training in-house. We cover most of the North East.

How long do I get to study the course online?

After you pay you will given access to the online course for 6 months.


Got a question? Contact us and we’ll happily answer any queries you may have.


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Study option

E-course, Delivered


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